29 August 2014

2014 Fantasy Football Draft

Instead of posting all the rounds and boring everyone with the little details, allow me to change it up a bit...

As you can see, I had the number two pick and since I was not home from the Bowl-a-Thon yet, I had to auto-draft my first pick. Not really sure if I would have done anything different though. Peyton Manning went first, which is not a shock, since I had him last year and his value in this league is huge. I might have taken Drew Brees at number two if I were there, but I cannot say so for certain (he did go at number six).

I took Brown in the second round and when I signed in, I had like thirty seconds to make the pick. I like having Brown so I will not complain about this pick. Same with Zac Stacy, I like that pick as well, so not really too much to discuss.

I decided to go for a QB in the fourth round and there were a few that I tossed around in my head. Jay Cutler, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, and Nick Foles were all available. I decided on Luck. My reasoning is that Newton could always get hurt (so could anyone, I know), Cutler is probably at his max potential and Foles could have been a bit of fluke last year (or at least he could be in for a bit of downturn). In my opinion, Andrew Luck is the most stable of the four and he has the most potential to be even better.

There were no real surprises in the middle rounds, I took Carlos Hyde because I felt like he could be that rookie that steps up big this year. I thought for sure that defenses would last a round or two later, but I was wrong. Once the top three were gone, I took Fred Jackson then in the next round grabbled St. Louis.

Here is where shit got weird for me. I drafted Mike Williams, but for some reason I was thinking I took Alex Smith. So at that point I stopped looking at the backup QBs. Then when I finished the draft, I realized that I did not have a second QB. Is it really a big issue? Probably not, I am sure I can grab one on the waiver wire for that bye week, but it is an unknown that I hate having to deal with. I do have my eyes on a few QBs.

I decided to draft Allen Robinson in the final round (hey I did it in another draft last week, figured it would screw up Yahoo's ADP). I am guessing I will be dropping him in the next few days though. Or maybe he can have a breakout game and be the dominant force like he was at Penn State...a boy can dream.

So what does Yahoo say about my draft? Well they graded it a B (and I am thinking they have some very snarky people writing their report cards).
They think I will finish in 8th place. I have to prove them wrong. That is my goal. I am hoping to maybe use one of my RBs in a trade for a WR (I could add in one of my two TEs).

I take on Ryan the first week. Good luck to everyone this season!

28 August 2014

Bowl-a-Thon 2014

Today was a fun day of charity bowling. Since it was a work event, I will not speak about it too much, but I will say it was a great time. Here are some pictures for everyone to enjoy...

 Our team was trying to win the best dressed contest, which I thought we had in the bag, but then another team showed up in dresses. Obviously we could not compete with how good my friend Matt looks in a dress...

27 August 2014

Interstellar Trailer Part 2

Here is another awesome trailer for Interstellar.  Yeah, I am excited for this movie.  Deal with it.

26 August 2014

Under the Dome: Episode 209

I actually liked this episode. Staying out of Chester's Mills for the majority of the episode probably helped. Sadly, that was squashed by the end when the outsiders found a way back inside. It looks like we will be back to the normal crap next week. I really hope not. Allow me to point out the good and bad stuff.

-Barbie's dad is not a good guy. Any thoughts we may have had about where he stands in all of this were quickly erased. He told the guard to force Barbie to get Julia to bring the egg by any means necessary. They chose the old allow Barbie to escape trick. I would have went with taking Barbie to the Dome and torturing him in front of Julia. That is just me though. And Jack Bauer.

-The Smoke Monster is back! And it must be getting old, since it is now gray and instead of killing people like Mr. Eko, it just gives people flashbacks of old memories then dumps them in the lake at Chesters Mills.

-Everything is connected in this show. The connections are finally starting to show. Barbie met Melanie when he was a little kid, it must have been right before she moved to Chester's Mills. Also, the red door from Pauline's painting? The root cellar door at Barbie's childhood home. Remember the thing we saw at the end of an episode?

-Big Jim finally does something that makes a bit of sense. Since he knows about Barbie, he confronts Junior. He then goes to the guards watching the Dome with a message. He will give them the Egg if they let everyone out. They say no, so Big Jim changes his demand to just he and Junior escaping. The guard agrees and now Big Jim is searching for the Egg.

-Fortunately Junior was smart enough to move it to a place that Big Jim will never expect:  the bomb shelter! Actually, it was pretty smart. Hiding it where Big Jim stays. Then Melanie wants to cuddle with Junior in the shelter. That must have been awkward for Junior..."hey, this is the place I once kept Angie prisoner!" 

-I think Melanie might be the cause of the Dome. Or maybe she is the avatar of whatever beings created the Dome. She is definitely weird and she does not want them to leave the Dome, nor does she really want the Dome to come down. Keep an eye on her.

-It was definitely a mistake letting Hunter into Chester's Mills. Why would you bring the hacker with you? He should be at Aktaion and they should have him sending messages once a week or something. That would be smart.

I look forward to  Big Jim and Pauline's reunion. I am guessing he be pretty pissed at her.

2014 NFL Pick 'Em

It is that time of year again.  Time for you to join my NFL Pick 'Em and try to beat me.  The past two seasons have been dominated by the Croyle Brothers, can someone dethrone us?  End our reign of terror?  Are you man enough to try?

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Technically Sean won last year.  Ngewo's World would like to humbly apologize for this major mistake and will do it's best to not allow things like this to happen in the future.

There are multiple ways to join the group.  You can go to Yahoo! and find the group (the Group ID is 31476 and the password is josh).  Or you can click this link and try to join that way.  If you are so inclined, you can send me an email and I will email you back the information.  Or you can send me a Facebook message.  You see, there is no excuse not to join.  And this year, there could be a prize.  A lifetime supply of my respect!  Just kidding, mostly because no one is going to beat me...

25 August 2014

2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty

My team is falling apart.  Sean is not having a good season, I should have won.  Instead he beats me soundly.  Hell, it is not like my team played well and his team was just amazing.  Nope, his team was bad and mine found a way to be worse.

Josh Hamilton (5/2/8/0/.316/.360) and Ben Revere (4/0/2/3/.308/.358) were my best hitters with Hunter Pence (6/2/5/1/.296/.286) and James Loney (1/1/4/0/.333/.333) being decent.  As you can see, if those are your best hitters in a week, then it was no wonder my team AVG was only .222.  Here is a weird line:  4/3/4/0/.148/.207.  That was Javier Baez.  He hit three home runs, yet only had four hits for the week.  Jose Altuve had a terrible week as well, I am pretty much dependent on him this year. 

The pitching was pretty good, although it would be nice to pick up some wins.  Or holds.  A few weeks ago I could not get a save and was dominating in holds.  Now it is the other way around.  My best pitcher was definitely Fernando Rodney with three saves and four strikeouts without giving up any runs.

I am in third place still with a 125-104-11 record.  Gideon is now in first place after beating Don 11-1 and Ryan losing to Dustin 8-4.  I am now 19.5 games behind Gideon.  This week I take on Offord, who is only 53 games out of first place.  I will probably get shutout.

Offord did beat Lindsey 7-4-1, which puts her record at 108-117-15.  She is still in 8th place and takes on Mark this week.  She needs a win.

23 August 2014

Prepare for the Dumbening...

What does Neil deGrasse Tyson think of this video?

And since he is awesome, how about this one...

21 August 2014

Things That Piss Me Off

I try to be a fairly happy guy. I mean, you never really see me get upset about stuff, I tend to just let things brush off me. Why go on a rant about things that are trivial? Unfortunately there are a few things in this world that really do make me mad and I figured I should share them with everyone.

Ice Bucket Challenge Haters
I realize that some people might be growing tired of these challenges where someone dumps a bucket of ice water on their head. That is not a reason to get upset and criticize the people participating in it. Yes, some people are not actually donating to the ALS Association, but the challenge is working. Last year at this time, they only raised like $2 million, and this year they are now at $40 million. I honestly think the people getting all bent out of shape about it are just jealous that they were either not nominated, or they like being the negative person about everything. 

And now for your amusement, here is a funny video of ice bucket challenge fails...

Racist Facebook Friends
With everything happening in Ferguson, Missouri, it is interesting to see which of your friends are racist. It is easy to figure out. If they constantly post stuff about a white person being killed and no one being outraged or starting riots, then they are most likely racist.
This person is not the only one, I have seen many of my friends post things like this and it disturbs me. These people truly disappoint me.

This Video

The Devil did it! Instead of working on solving this country's many complex problems, the people posting this video on Facebook want us all to pray and reject Satan. Yep, social inequalities, economic disparity, war, famine, and everything else happening in the world are all because the Boogey Man.

Freddie Freeman
I have no clue what it is about the Atlanta Braves first baseman. Maybe it is the fact that he looks like he should be wearing a pink polo with his collar popped and be playing beer pong at a fraternity house. Or maybe it's the fact that he is really good at baseball and he plays for the Braves.

Seriously, just look at the guy. "Hey bros, grab some Natty Lite and lets bang some sluts from Tri-Delta!"

Ugh, they are the worst thing in the universe. I am not kidding or exaggerating. There are two giant spiders living on our porch right now. I am tempted to move or buy a flame-thrower to take care of this problem.

My friend Dave posted this article the other day. It is about using one space or two after a period. I have always used two, but since Dave mentioned this and pretty much ridiculed me for being dumb, I have decided to try and use one space. It pisses me off when I find out that I am doing stuff wrong. I will probably fall back into this old habit and I am sure Dave will be right there to make fun of me. Jerk.

Alright, maybe I am not nearly as pissed off about stuff as I thought.