25 October 2014

Engagement Photos

Last Friday, Lindsey and I had our engagement photos taken. I am sure most of you know how much of a fan I am of having my picture taken. If you are not aware, I hate it. I just hate trying to smile, I need to be relaxed and laughing. Fortunately, our photographer was fantastic. She was very energetic and she put me at ease and had me laughing in no time. If you are looking for a photographer in the area, definitely check out Jacqueline Moss Photography.

I am not going to post all the pictures, there are 243 of them. These are just a bunch of the ones I really liked (I am not including any of the ones that could be potential Save the Dates, since Lindsey would murder me).

Let me know what you think!

Look at that neck line. And look at all those gray hairs. That is really depressing.

I feel like this one looks pretty natural. Lindsey is telling me something and I am just smiling and pretending to listen. All while holding a sign.

Of course there are plenty of pictures of the ring. What else would you expect with engagement photos? Does anyone even want to see my ugly mug?

I had so much trouble throwing leaves into the air. Who knew it was so tough? Actually I kept throwing them at Lindsey, I am sure it was not intentional.
This is the look Lindsey gives me when I start telling her about something I find interesting, such as some historical event or science thing.

I am sure we will be adding all the pictures to Facebook at some point, so do not fear if you were worried about seeing the entire collection.

24 October 2014

2014 NFL Pick 'Em Week 8 and Fantasy Football Week 7

Ugh, I only got six right last week. That is not going to help me catch up to Gideon (especially when he only got six correct as well). Adam2 (no offense Adam, but it is easier to refer to you as Adam2 instead of saying "future brother-in-law") was the big winner with eight. Everyone else was around me with a few 7s and 5s. Not a good week for any of us.

Okay, so Gideon is still in first, with my mom just two games behind. I am in fourth place behind Adam2 (we are both 50-55, but he must have me on tie-breakers), after me it is Adam (49-56), then JasonI (48-57). Last year's champ, Sean, is  47-58, while Lindsey is a very bad 35-70.

I did my picks on Wednesday, but did not save them for some reason. So I already missed the first one. Although, I am pretty sure I took San Diego. I just thought for sure they would keep it close.

Fortunately, fantasy football was a little better for me than picking against the spread. I beat JasonI and moved myself into fourth place (I said I was in 4th last week, but I was actually in 5th).

With Fred Jackson getting hurt, I am severely lacking in running backs. Yes, McCoy plays this week, but I am relying on Storm Johnson again. Not something that gives me a lot of confidence. Good thing I have some awesome receivers.

Jessica beat Gideon, knocking him out of first place. Ryan jumped into the lead position with a big win over Ruskin (who is having terrible luck, has scored a ton of points, but only has two wins). Gideon dropped all the way to fifth with Ryan, Jarrod, and Jim all 6-1. Me and Gideon are 5-2. My brother is 3-4 and in 9th place. C'mon dude, step it up!

This week I take on Jarrod and I should not have to even mention what a victory would mean. Okay, allow me to explain. Gideon is taking on Jim, if G-Dizzle should win and I beat Jarrod, that gives me an opportunity to move into second place and if Ryan would lose (he won't, but pretend with me for a second), I would move into first! Exciting times.

I know you are probably wondering about my other leagues. Well over in Kevin's league I am 4-3 and currently in 7th place. And in the Pittsburgh Bloggers league, I started out 5-0, but have lost my last two. Again, in that league I have scored the most points, but have just been outscored the past two weeks in weird manners. For example, last week, I would have won if they had not taken back that Antonio Brown touchdown. Oh well, no use in complaining.

23 October 2014

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

The first trailer leaked for Avengers: Age of Ultron and I am definitely digging what I see so far. James Spader's voice as Ultron is perfectly creepy. I also loved seeing Iron Man's Hulkbuster Suit. I wonder if Quicksilver will be funny and cool like he was in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

21 October 2014

This Makes No Sense

Last week I went to the Social Security office and filled out the paperwork to get a new card. I lost mine a few years ago when I got pulled over, it fell out of my wallet when I gave the cop my license. Yes, I know you are not supposed to keep it in your wallet. I learned that lesson, thanks for warning me ahead of time.

When we left the office, Lindsey said "I wonder how they mail it to you? Seems like it would be easy to still someone's identity, right?" To which I responded "they probably send it in an unmarked envelope."

Well I was wrong. They send it in a white envelope that says Social Security Administration. That does not seem like a very secure method. What other things could they be sending? Social Security checks? Cards? That is about it, right? So if you are someone looking to steal identities...well I think you can see where this is going.

Here is what really makes no sense to me, they have security guards at the SSA building, they have secured floors that you cannot access without a code. Why not just print the card there or have it sent there and have me pick it up? That would make more sense.

20 October 2014

And So Vacation Ends

Ugh, today is my first day back to work. Vacation always goes by way too fast. This was definitely a fun and exciting vacation. Although, I think I need a vacation from vacation. Just a few days to rest and relax.

We flew out of Pittsburgh on Saturday morning. It was a smooth flight, minus Lindsey and her terror of flying. She likes to squeeze my hand until the bones break. We arrived in Atlanta and were picked up by Lindsey's step-brother, Ted. We then went to his grandmother's house for something to eat.

The first thing I noticed about the Atlanta area is that everything is like an hour and a half away. It is a huge city and the suburbs are not really that close. It was kind of cool. Anyways, after we ate, we went to Stone Mountain. This is a carving of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis followed by a pretty cool laser show. People joke about people in the South being in denial about the Civil War, but there is a part of the show where the show Lee crying after breaking his sword. I am guessing it was very emotional if you were a Southerner. Since I am not, I just cheered and screamed "WE WON!!!!"

Sunday was a dinner at a family member's house. Guess how far away it was? Yep 1.5 hours away. So weird. We got to eat plenty of good ole Southern food. Once we got back to Ted's place we drank some beer and watched football. Lindsey got a little inebriated.

The next day we went to the zoo. It was a nice zoo. I think Pittsburgh is probably a bit larger, but this one was still nice. They had a pretty cool bird show, I am usually not one to like the shows where animals perform, but this one was not so bad. I just wonder if the lady who was in charge is actually a bird-i-ologist (avian expert is probably more correct) or just an animal trainer. I guess I will never know. It is also quite scary how they just let the tigers feed on small children. They should probably put some glass there or something.
We were supposed to go the college football hall of fame, but since it was kind of late in the day, no one wanted to hit traffic. The ladies went to get their nails done, while us men went to a few stores, such as a giant wine store. This place was like the size of umm, a small super market, but with just wine, beer, and liquor.

I found a bottle of wine called Josh. If I would have found one called Lindsey, I would have purchased them, but just buying one called Josh is weird, especially when I do not even drink wine.

After that we went to Cabelas and looked at boats. They had some fairly good deals especially on a pontoon boat. Adam and I wanted to get it, but we did not know if you could carry that on the plane. That was the only thing holding us back.

Sadly the trip to Atlanta did not end with us meeting Ludacris. I apologize. I know most of you were hoping I would tell you about how we met up and went out partying. In fact, at Stone Mountain, they did a piece of music from Georgia and they did not play Luda! How messed up is that?

We came back to Pittsburgh on Wednesday and had to go to IKEA because Lindsey needed to get some more wedding stuff. After that we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, I had never eaten there before and was pretty impressed with it. I mean, it is similar to Quaker Steak 'n Lube, but whatever, you can never have enough of those types of restaurants (sarcasm noted).

Photo Shoot
On Friday, we met with our photographer to do our engagement photos. I was actually a bit nervous about it because I am not great at smiling on command. Luckily though, our photographer was fantastic and she brought enough energy to the shoot that I was at ease. Once I get the photos there will be a post dedicated to them.

After the pictures were done we went to dinner at the Inclined Plane (the restaurant is called Asiago's). It was a nice romantic dinner. I tried a pumpkin martini, which was very good. After dinner we went to the movies to see Gone Girl.

The movie was great and for the first time ever, Lindsey stayed awake! Once the movie was over we went to Pour, which is a bar attached to a nice restaurant in Ebensburg. They have a bunch of craft beers on tap and I tried a few of them. The first one was terrible because it was too dark, the second was gross because it tasted like pine. I then tried to order a Miller Lite, they were out. Needless to say we left and went over to Clark Powell's and enjoyed a few Miller Lites.

Corn Maze
Saturday was fun and a bit different. We went out to JB's Tree Farm with my mom and decided to do the corn maze. We made it through without getting lost. Well we got a little lost, but I think that is the point. We were trying to find these hole punch things in order to win a prize. We did not find them all, but it was definitely fun.

The farm had some animals there as well. They have some Nigerian Dwarf Donkeys. I know, you are thinking "Josh is that even a thing?" And I promise you that they are real. Plus they had some baby goats, which were super cute. I think Lindsey may have wanted to take them home.

After we picked out some pumpkins, we then went to Marzonis for dinner. It was so damn good. It was such a fun day hanging out with my mom.  

Once we finished dinner, Lindsey and I went to Kohl's (I BOUGHT SOCKS!!!) and then Boscov's (I BOUGHT A PSU SHIRT!!!!!). We also bought some Christmas presents for someone, but we will not mention that here.

This was a nice easy day, we sat around watching football, then went to dinner at Lindsey's mom's house. We came home and watched The Walking Dead then we went to bed. Lindsey fell asleep while I read for like two hours. It was just what I needed for my final day.

And now vacation is over and I need to get ready for work.

17 October 2014

Potpourri of Randomness

I said that I was going to do more than write about fantasy sports, so here is one of those posts. You know the kind, where I write about a bunch of random stuff.

Ebola and Terrorism
I have been reluctant to write about Ebola and ISIS, but then I saw this post on Facebook the other day and I decided that I needed to voice my opinion.

First off, ignore the terrible spelling and grammar. Just look at what this guy believes: ISIS is sending soldiers to West Africa in order to contract Ebola and then come to America. Think about the logistical troubles of going from the Middle East to West Africa. It is not that close together. People forget that Africa is a huge continent. Look, it would take almost 19 hours in a plane to get from Kobani to Sierra Leone.

Then, they would have to leave there and head to the United States. Again, not a sure trip. You do not think someone would notice a bunch of Middle Easterners coming from West Africa? Or does this person that posted this nonsense think they all look alike.

That brings me to another thing, where did this person get this information? The only thing I could find about ISIS doing something like this was from the National Report. Well if you do some digging on their site, you will find this wonderful nugget.

You see this is the danger of the internet. Right now there are tons of satirical news sites out there that are trying to trick people into clicking their stories. They hide the fact that they are not real news sites by putting up a disclaimer somewhere that is almost impossible to find. People need to use their head, if you have not heard of the site, check on Snopes or some of the other fact checking sites.

My Brother's Website
It has only been a few years and we are still waiting for that first post from Adam...

Pulp Fiction

This movie has been out for twenty years and watching it last night, I noticed something: Vincent Vega is wearing Gold Toe socks! I wear Gold Toe socks. I am like Vincent Vega. Minus the drugs, murder, love of British spy novels, and cool dance moves.

I think everyone should watch Jeopardy tonight. There will be a category dedicated to archaeology. I hope that I can run that one. Tomorrow is International Archaeology Day and this is just one way to honor such an awesome field of study.

Woodgrove Wolverines
My cousin Addison goes to Woodgrove High School in Virginia. My aunt recently posted a picture of my grandparents wearing their Woodgrove gear at a cheerleading competition. I was a little jealous and said that I wanted a shirt. My awesome Aunt Lori mailed me one a few days later. I think I look pretty damn awesome.
If you saw this picture on Facebook, you probably also saw all the comments about the open closet door. Deal with it. Anyways, I dig the colors of Woodgrove. My high school's colors were blue and white, just like Penn State. So I never really got to experience a school with different colors. I know, it is a rough life I lead.

Nuclear Fusion
Did you read about Lockheed Martin announcing they think they have made a major breakthrough on nuclear fusion? It was all over the news the other day. This got me excited about the prospects of the future. It also made me a little sad.

If this is true and who knows if it is or not. But, for the sake of my post, let us pretend it is true. The one article I read said they started working on fusion because they wanted to expand because of less defense contracts in the coming years as the United States and European countries scale back defense spending.

How sad is that? Scientists have been working on fusion for decades with not much luck, but a defense contractor realizes that profits could be down in a few years and they are like "hey, let's take a crack at this nearly limitless energy thing that we have been hearing people talk about." Boom, a few years later, they have it licked.

I also had to laugh when I read the article because LM mentions that they are like 20 years from actually having a working reactor built. Again, if this breakthrough is true, I have a feeling that other companies will be on their heels very quickly and it will be much sooner than that before we see this tech somewhere.

Alright I think this is enough to keep you laughing for the day. Enjoy!

2014 NFL Pick 'Em Week 7 and Fantasy Football Week 6

I had another solid week by getting eight correct. Gideon and my brother were the big winners with eleven. Mom fell from first place by only getting seven and is now in second place behind Gideon. My current record is 44-46 and I am five behind the leader. My brother has moved up to fourth place with a 43-47 record. Lindsey did not have a good week, she did her picks, but they did not save. So she is now 30-60.

I noticed something interesting. If you went completely chalk (or is this just NCAA Bracket term? Also, for those unsure what I mean: you only picked the favorites), you would have gotten nine right. If we look back each week, it goes: 8-7-8-7-5. Do you think week one is so low because the oddsmakers do not have a bead on how good teams will be yet? Do you think think this number will improve over the course of the season? By week fifteen will they be getting double digit correct?

Sorry Offord! I did not mean to give you such a monstrous beat down. It was pretty much all Luck. Get it? Hahaha, I crack myself up here.

It was a nice week, but I did not go anywhere in the standings, still in fourth place with a 4-2 record. I still have scored the most points (barely, since Gideon put up a Monstar number of 207.30). Speaking of Gideon, he is in first place, followed by Jarrod (who lost to my brother), then Jim. They are all 5-1. My brother is in eighth with a 3-3 record. Watch out everyone, he is on a roll!

This week I take on Imler, who is in sixth place. I am projected to squeak one out, but it might be tough with McCoy on bye week. We shall see.

16 October 2014

Being Critical

Lindsey and I have lived here in New Germany since 2010. I have always taken Route One for anytime I have to go to Ebensburg or Altoona, or even now, when I go to work. It takes me roughly five minutes to get to the Sheetz.

Saturday, when Adam and Kayla picked us up to go to the airport, Adam believed that it would be better to go Route Two, which goes to Rt. 219 N, then you get off on Rt. 22 and hit Sheetz. Adam made a good point that it might be faster since it is mostly highway. The more I thought about it, the more I started to think he might be on to something.

Then I realized something. I can test this theory. Granted my test was not perfect, I mean I only went through each route once, but my results were interesting. So here we go:

Route One
Allow me to explain the major problem on this route: traffic. Ugh, I got behind three cars going so slow. It took me 5 minutes 49.8 seconds to get to Sheetz, which seemed a little longer than normal. It was 4.1 miles.

Route Two
I thought for sure this would beat the 5:49.8, since I would be able to hit the highway and ramp up to 75 MPH for the majority of it. I did not get behind any cars getting to the highway, but from our driveway to the highway it was almost three-quarters of a mile, and I had traveled in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go. I was able to get going very fast (I may have even sped up to 80 MPH for a little bit), but that was not enough as my time was 6:20.3. And it turned out to be 5.6 miles. I thought for sure that it would farther, but not by much and the time saved would be worth it.

So it seems that my initial belief was correct. It never hurts though to challenge our beliefs and see if what we think is actually right. Lindsey pointed out that Route Two is probably better for bad snow days in the winter, since the highway gets plowed earlier and more often than New Germany Road. She is so smart!