21 December 2014

Wedding Crasher Penguin

I was watching the classic film Wedding Crashers last night and something occurred to me. Todd, you may remember him, he was the homosexual brother of Claire Cleary. He painted the beautiful piece of artwork for Vince Vaughn while trying to cuddle with him. Anyways, Todd looked quite familiar.

At first I thought he must be the guy who plays the Penguin on Gotham. I looked him up and it turns out that they are definitely not the same actor. Although, I am pretty sure the actor playing Oswald Cobblepot must have modeled himself after Todd Cleary.

Just picture him screaming "I'll be in my room, painting...homo things!"

20 December 2014

Oh Christmas Tree!

Look at all those wonderful presents! None of them are for me. But some of them may be for you. Yes folks, that is right, some of these gifts could be for some of the amazing readers of this blog. Go ahead and try to guess what some of them are or who they could be for...

Ugh, did I just end that sentence in a preposition? Horrible.

Anyways, just do not guess Lindsey's gifts because she does read this stuff. Maybe.

19 December 2014

2014 NFL Pick 'Em Week 16 and Fantasy Football Week 15

I suppose getting cocky for getting the Thursday game was a bit of a mistake. Gideon was the big winner at ten, then Mom, Jason, and me. Which is now the order we are in with Adam2 right behind me. I really need a big week, Gideon is nine games ahead of me. I need him to be terrible.

Ugh. The fantasy season is pretty much over now. Congratulations Jim, not only did you defeat me (again), but now you are a father, I hope the kid wakes you up every night at like 3:00. Yeah, I am childish, whatever.

This week I take on Gideon for third place. I cannot remember what we decided, does third place get their money back or did we decide that winner take all? Not that everyone paid, so who knows how that will work. I guess the winner will get just get everything, which means I will probably not bother to even set my lineup this week. Just kidding, I want third place. Sorry Gideon.

Jim takes on Ryan in the championship. It is cool that the two best teams are in the finals. In another league, the number one seed lost to the eight seed. But in my PghBloggersFF league, I am in the finals, so the two best meet there. I will most likely be writing about that next week.

I would like some feedback for next year. Should we keep things as they are? I constantly consider adjusting the scoring (although, this will stay a QB driven league), so any thoughts how to improve this league will be helpful. Also, if we keep this as a money league, would you want to keep it where it is at or increase to say $20.

18 December 2014

College Football Bowl Pick 'Em Challenge

If you would like to join my college football bowl pick 'em challenge, click here. Granted some of the games start in like two days, so I apologize for being so slow to get this posted, but c'mon, does anyone even know anything about Nevada and Louisiana-Lafayette? I just know that one is the Ragin' Cajuns and the other one is the Wolf Pack, can you guess which is which?

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

I went tonight to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and let me tell you what I thought about it. It was pretty good. I know, that is the best I can really say about it. "It was pretty good." It was not great, it was not moving, it was just pretty good. Naturally, I am going bullet point style and I have to say there will be major spoilers. Like seriously, if you have not seen the movie, stop reading.

-Remember how awesome the last movie ended? You know, with Smaug flying to Laketown and saying "I am fire. I am death!" That was so freaking awesome and fortunately the movie picked up right there.

And then Smaug destroys Laketown and Bard shoots him with a black arrow. Just like the dragon is dead. The badass Smaug is dead in like ten minutes.

-I definitely enjoyed Thorin's decent into madness from the Arkenstone. I loved how they kept deepening his voice to the point that he almost sounded like Smaug (or did I totally just imagine them sounding similar?).

-I liked the actual early part of the battle. Seeing the dwarves and elves fight together was pretty cool. The scene where the elves leap over the Dwarf Phalanx looked awesome.

-I am confused how 13 dwarves joining the battle will help make a difference. Yes, I understand they rallied to their king, but enough to take on ten times the amount of Orcs? I hate how in all these movies (including the first trilogy) there is no Orc consistency.

Allow me to explain what I mean. In the first LOTR, the Fellowship barely can defeat a group of Orcs in the Mines of Moria. Then as the movies go on, Legolas is able to take out entire companies on his own. By this movie, one elf can kill at least fifty Orcs without breaking a sweat. Remember how Faramir and his men were defeated at Osgiliath? Well in these movies, Bard and a few ill-trained and under equipped townsfolk can defeat hundreds of thousands of Orcs. See what I mean about inconsistency?

-This movie did not flow well at all. Like I said earlier, we get this quick battle with Smaug, you know the dragon that drove the Dwarves from the mountain and pretty much had everyone afraid to ever go back there. Then the five armies have their massive battle, but it never really felt like there was any danger. And then once Azog is defeated, the movie is basically over. Bilbo and Gandalf walk home.

-The battle between Azog and Thorin was fantastic, especially mixed in with Kili/Tauriel fighting Bolg. Legolas returning Orcrist by tossing it at the Orc that is about to kill Thorin was a nice touch, especially since it helps explain why Legolas does not have sword when we see him next.

-I am glad that Thranduil was able to come to his senses because of his son and Tauriel. He was being a bit of an ass. I loved his line to Legolas that he should seek out the son of Arathorn, a ranger named Strider.

-Okay, what the hell was with the scene of the White Council attacking Sauron? Elrond, Galadriel, and Saruman rescue Gandalf. The Nazgul attack them, but Saruman and Elrond are able to fight them off (although, did the Nazgul seem more powerful in this form than when they attacked at Weathertop?) while Galadriel heals Gandalf with a kiss on the forehead or something. And then Galadriel uses her super scary magic to banish Sauron away. I am not really sure what happened. I always thought that scary side of her was just her illustrating to Frodo what would happen if she took the Ring of Power. Needless to say, I hated this part.

-I suppose this is not a complaint, or a like, but more of a question. How dumb is Gandalf? He knows that Bilbo has a magic ring. Are there that many magic rings out there that it would not make sense to check to see if it is the One Ring? You know, the one that Sauron needs in order to take over Middle-Earth.

-Thorin's death was good. The fight with Azog was great and then Thorin dying while also apologizing/saying goodbye to Bilbo was pretty touching. It almost brought a tear to my eye. Almost. Not like LOTR: ROTK where I cry like a baby.

-This is is the last movie, right? Or do you think after a few more crappy movies, Peter Jackson will decide that Children of Hurin would make a good movie. Or maybe The Silmarillion, which is bound to put everyone to sleep in like ten minutes.

-Am I the only person who cannot watch Tauriel and half expect Sawyer to show up and be like "hey Freckles..."

Anyways, see what I mean when I said this was a pretty good movie? Five years down the road and I am flipping through the channels and this is on, it will not be a movie that I have to stop on every single time. Does that make sense? Let me know what you thought of it. I am sure many people will tell me how I am an idiot.

15 December 2014

Faerie Magazine

I found this magazine at work the other day. Not like someone left it there at a table, instead someone dropped off a stack of these for people to take.

Sadly, I did not read the entire magazine. Or any of it. I am just guessing that it is all about faeries and stuff.

I am hoping someone who is a fan of this magazine could tell me what it is all about. "Celebrating the Extraordinary." What does that mean? Do these people think the faerie world is an actual real thing or do they just enjoy faeries? Does this magazine have articles about anything the editor deems extraordinary? Like, could I write an article about an extraordinary glass of orange juice I had the other day, it was mango flavored!

So all you faerie enthusiasts out there, please let me know if this magazine is worth a read.

13 December 2014

A Fun Saturday Video Day

It is Saturday and I feel like posting some funny videos. Shut up and enjoy!

I think my brother will love this one...

Alright, hope you enjoyed!

12 December 2014

2014 NFL Pick 'Em Week 15 and Fantasy Football Week 14

I was the big winner last week with ten correct (Imler also got ten, but I must have won the tiebreakers). That brings me to 105-101 and in fifth place with Mom. Gideon is still in the lead at 111-95 and Adam2 behind him at 107-99. On a positive note, I was the only person to get the Arizona game correct this week, so yay (that actually brings me to third place, which shows how jumbled we were from third to sixth place).

I really thought for sure that Jarrod was going to beat me. Especially when I saw Brandon Marshall go down and only get me 9.10 points. Fortunately for me, the Rams defense decided to take matters into their own hands and crush the Redskins.

This week I take on Jim, who is expecting the birth of his child this week. I hope he does not think I will show mercy on him. He did not show any on me during my birthday. Over on the other side, Gideon and Ryan battle it out for the chance to be in the finals. This will sound weird, but I am hoping Ryan wins. Sorry Gideon, but I want to avenge my other loss this season. And yes, by other loss, I do mean that loss in the fantasy baseball finals.