17 April 2014

Wasted Day

I am off today.  Lindsey had to work.  So I figured it would be a great day for me to do a bunch of stuff.  I was off yesterday, but I did laundry and all that fun stuff.  So today was just a me-day.  It started off by getting up and going to the gym, then going to breakfast with Lindsey.

While she was doing something on her iPad, I downloaded a game for my phone.  Just a simple puzzle game, called 2048.  One of those number games where you have to match the tiles together and eventually come up with 2048.  Sounds simple enough, right?

Oh my freaking god!  It is so addictive.  I started playing it and once I was home, I played non-stop all while watching Dark Knight Rises, Fargo (new TV show on FX, not the movie), and The Americans.  That is like four straight hours.  Then I continued playing during the Pirate game.  It occurred to me at about the 3rd inning that I had not eaten anything and that it was almost 8:00.  Where the hell did my day go?  Damn this game...damn it to hell!

16 April 2014

Minimum Wage Debate

As most of you have heard there is a debate in this country as to whether or not the minimum wage should be raised (I think $10.10 is the proposed amount, but some people are demanding $15.00 per hour).  I decided that I should probably weigh in with my opinion on the topic.  I know how much all of you were dying to know what I thought...

I am a fairly liberal person.  When first presented with this topic, my immediate reaction is to say "well yeah, who could survive on $7.25/hour?  You have to raise it!"  Prices have gone up for goods and services, gas costs almost $4 per gallon, so it only makes sense that the minimum wage would increase alongside everything else.

Think about it, if people make more money, they will spend more money, right?  This will help all businesses and the economy!  The last major increase was in 2007 (it started the three part process of incremental increases with it finally hitting $7.25 in 2009) and as you can see the economy took after after that, right?  Oh, it didn't?  Well there were other factors, correct?  Okay, I am being a bit of an ass with that comment.  The economy is a massive beast and you cannot look at just one factor and say "well that caused a recession."

So yes, personally I feel like a minimum wage increase would be a good thing for the country.  However, as a person who runs a restaurant, I look at the increase as a problem.  If it goes up to $10.10, that would mean that I would have to increase all of my employees to that rate.  Prices would either have to go up or less staff would need to be on, which means service would decrease.

Allow me to explain.  If you add up all the dollars that employees make in an hour, that is called the Average Hourly Rate.  Taking a small example, when you factor servers (who make $2.83/hour) the AHR comes out to about $6.06 (in my made-up example).  In a day, let us say you have 40 total hours scheduled.  You multiply the AHR with the Hours and that gives you how much you spent on your employees, if you divide that by the sales for the day, you get the percentage of labor.  To make it easy, let us say we did $1000 in sales.  This means our labor percentage is 24.24%.

In the post-wage increase world, the AHR increases to $7.37 (trust me, I figured this out).  If nothing else changes with the hours and the sales, then the labor percentage goes up to 29.48%.  I know what you are thinking, what does labor percentage even mean?  Think about it this way, for every dollar bill of sale we receive, we spend $.2948 to pay the employees.  On average, we spend about $.31 for the food. 

Stay with me for a second, after you take those out you are left with $.45, but you have to pay taxes, buy supplies, benefits, technology, marketing, repairs, etc...Usually after all that is paid for, we are left with about $.04 from each dollar that is considered profit.  However, if you increase the minimum wage, that $.04 is gone and it is now a negative.  How does one combat losing money?  You make cuts or you raise prices.

If we make cuts, then people lose their jobs and again, you see a decrease in service.  That does not sound like a good thing.  Okay, what if we raise prices?  In order to get us back to that 24.24% we would need to get our sales up to $1216.  Assuming we have the same amount of business that means our prices would need to increase 21.60%, so that favorite $5 sandwich would now cost $6.08. 

That does not seem so bad, right?  But, the increase in wages would effect a bunch of other things as well.  Does the meat packing plant where we get our bacon have to start paying people more money?  What if they normally start people out at $10 per hour?  Those folks would probably feel a bit slighted if they learned they were now making less than minimum wage.  What would you raise them to?  Do you give them a raise that equals the percentage of change the minimum wage just saw?  A 39.31% increase would mean a guy making $10 now makes $13.93, so guess what that means for the bacon company?  They have to raise the price of bacon.  So now, instead of our food cost being $.31 it goes you see where this is going?

I honestly do not know the answer.  This is just not a restaurant issue.  I feel like the restaurant and retail sector probably employee the most minimum wage workers.  This will impact them the most.  These are things that people need to consider when they look at this issue.  I hope this helps some of you.

15 April 2014

Death of Spider-Dog!

I have no clue where Spider-Dog came from, but he has been in my office for a few weeks now.  I decided to have a little fun with him.

He was sitting in the office, on top of our computer, looking out the window.  Every time I went by, I thought someone was in the office.  I kept saying that I would get rid of the damn thing.  My employees did not want that to happen.  So they kept joking that Spider-Dog was watching...

Well not anymore.  Spider-Dog has been captured and hanged for his meddling ways!  No one messes with Kraven the Hunter!!!!

14 April 2014

Game of Thrones: The Lion and The Rose

Another great episode.  Only two episodes in and already they decide to kill off a main character.  But before we get to that, what all happened?

-Ramsay hunts some girl.  My brother informed me that her name is Tansy and if you read the books you will know that name has some significance.  The girl with Ramsay that shoots Tansy is the same girl who seduced Theon before he is castrated.  Ramsay does prove to his father that he has Theon broken and that he knows about Bran and Rickon being alive.

-Tyrion gives Joffrey a book as his wedding gift.  Joffrey decides to use his new sword to cut the book in half and send a message to Tyrion about what he thinks of stupid books.

-Prince Oberyn has a great dig at Tywin and Cersei.  Actually the entire exchange between them was fantastic.  The Red Viper gives a not-so-subtle hint that they have Cersei's daughter in Dorne and at least they do not rape and murder women and children in the south. 

-Bran discovered a new superpower.  Not only is he a warg, but he can also touch the face on the tree and see things.  I guess trees are alive and they are probably all connected, right?  Also, did everyone notice the shadow of a dragon Bran saw over a city? 

-Jaime and Bronn training together.  Bronn is so cocky, it is a great fit.  Although, in the book, it was Ilyn Payne who trains with Jaime.  I like the change (the guy who plays Ser Payne is on his death bed, which is sad), Bronn is a great character.  The only thing I will miss is Ilyn laughing at Jaime being so bad.  Since he has no tongue, his laughing comes out as clicking, which just makes Jaime more and more mad.

-Okay, the main thing here was the wedding.  Joffrey makes everyone uncomfortable and slightly angry by getting a bunch of little people to reenact the War of the Five Kings.  He then tries to get Tyrion to fight them.  Tyrion gives some great jabs at the king, which only makes Joff more angry.  He forces his uncle to be his cup-bearer.

Margaery distracts him by yelling that it is time for pie.  She feeds him a piece and when Tyrion gives him another drink, the young king starts to choke.  He then collapses and dies.  Cersei immediately sees Tyrion with the goblet and screams for the guards to seize him. 

The best part about the scene (aside from watching Joffrey die) was the way the camera stopped on all the suspects.  For those of us who read the books, we know who did it, but did the TV folk put together a suspect list?  Who is on it?

Also, I have to give mad props (I am certain I have never said that phrase on this blog) to the writers for not pushing the Purple Wedding (that is what some folks call it) until the end of the season.  Takes some serious balls to kill off a main character in the second episode of the season.

2014 Fantasy Baseball Week Two

Damn it!  I lost to the guy who drafted Roy Halladay.  That is so embarrassing.  My team was pretty horrible all around, so there is no point in trying to say that I would have won if blah blah blah.

Starlin Castro was my best hitter 4/2/6/0/.360/.385 with Hanley Ramirez a close second.  It is not good when your shortstops are the best hitters.  After that I had no one hit over .300 and sadly there were three guys that hit below .200.  Ugh, not very good.

Zack Greinke had another good week (1/0/8/0/1.69/1.50).  Wainwright picked up another win, but he was not nearly as sharp as the previous week.  Jose Fernandez showed that he is human by having a horrible start with six strikeouts and a 13.50 ERA.  Ugh, not very good.

Sergio Santos was my best reliever with two saves and five strikeouts.  Rex Brothers had a win and a hold, but gave up some runs.  Jim Johnson was demoted as the closer after blowing some saves and having a 7.71 ERA this week.  Ugh, not very good.

I am currently in fourth place (second in my division) with a 16-8-0 record.  Ryan leads the league with Gideon tied with winning percentage, Mark leads my division and I am only a half game behind him and only two behind Ryan. 

A few of us made the decision to take over Thomas' team since he was not setting his lineup.  I gave it to Lindsey, but I am the one doing the work.  Do not fear though, I am not planning on abusing this power or anything (it is almost like a committee that is in control of this team).  Gideon did give me crap about not setting lineups over the weekend, so it is now my goal to beat him with that team (which I renamed to War Puigs). 

This week I take on JasonI, who is 7-17-0 and in 10th place.  I could use a big win and a big loss from Ryan or Gideon.

11 April 2014


I finally decided to upgrade my ride.  I was sick and tired of driving a car and went to Blue Knob Auto and traded it in for a 2013 Ford Escape.  Isn't it sweet?

Just kidding!  This is just a rental while the fix my Impreza.  Yesterday when I was leaving the gym, my front bumper got caught on a piece of metal sticking out of the parking spot (it is hard to explain, but here it goes:  they use railroad ties to denote spots, and the front of my car is even with the top, unfortunately there was a metal bar sticking out, which caught on my front bumper and almost pulled it completely off).

My car should be done by Tuesday, so I guess I should not get too used to driving this one.  Oh, and Lindsey's car needed to have the front axle replaced.  Seriously, we have no luck at all.

Another Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Seriously, this is looking more and more like an awesome movie...

10 April 2014

Happy Sibling Day!

Since everyone in the world is posting this stuff all over the place, I figured why fight the crowd?  Here are some pictures of Adam and I when we were younger since it is also Throwback Thursday.  Who comes up with all this stuff?